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Dear Friend,

Bob McLellan here. Have you ever wished what you know, you had known sooner? Have you also wished you had listened to someone sooner as well? I know I have! I am extremely grateful that my wife, daughter and I have received life changing, empowering training since April 2010. Without compromise we are all able to pursue our own dreams, and to passionately fulfil our purpose and destiny. We have found answers for our life and desire you will discover those answers as well.

The universal truths we have been privy to and implemented are contained in the amazing audio training series titled, Your Wish Is Your Command. As a result of the doors which opened up to us from this training we have had opportunity to connect with and even be mentored by very gifted and highly successful leaders in their respective fields of building healthy relationships, physical and mental health, business, marketing, finance and even training in how to have a Terrific day, every day! These are just a few of the areas in which lives have intersected with ours as a result of choosing to implement the training from the Your Wish Is Your Command series.

The concept of travelling to exotic and beautiful locations never crossed our minds until we were introduced to the potential of what might be, if we were willing to learn and willing to change things in our life. Travelling is now exciting for us.

We are the McLellan family and we want to offer you a love gift. We desire for you to have access to the training that has made, and is continuing to make such a difference in our lives. It will not cost you the thousand dollars that many people initially paid, nor even the $150.00 dollars it cost us years ago. That's right, at no cost to, you can go to and sign up using the private invitation code: to receive the audio training. When you do this let us know, because we are offering you another gift that we personally created. As a full time pastor, I taught a series of training sessions connecting the major principles in the Your Wish Is Your Command series with universal principles in God's Word. We are pulling those videos out of our archive files and re-formatting them into a current usable medium. As they are redone we will send them on to you, if you desire, at no cost.

The Your Wish is Your Command training, which we will gift to you, plus the Biblical training and connections we will send to you are invaluable. You will know now what you wish you had known sooner. While there is the potential for you to have a return that carries great financial benefit, the true value of which is priceless in its ability to enhance the quality of lives. Not just your life, but the life of each child, teen, and adult with whom you will share this will also be impacted.

Go to:, enter the private invitation code and begin your life transformation journey.

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