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• Do you have a desire to learn?
• Are you willing to seek for truth?
• Can you honestly say, "I believe God is the source of all truth?"
• When you think about the Bible do you honestly declare it to be the inspired Word of God?

After taking a moment to actually think about your answers to these questions, consider the level of your passion and commitment to these issues. Now, for a very important question. How you answer this will actually reveal where you stand in your world view and philosophy of life as to your Christian faith.

Are you fearful of science and technology and how it might negatively impact your personal faith or the reliability and foundation of the Christian faith?

I am not talking about the declared statements of atheists and agnostics who bring their own agenda to the forefront of media attention. I am addressing the issue of science and technology.

Do you perceive science and technology as moral or immoral? Or, do you understand that it is amoral and it is what people do with it that turns it towards an influence for righteousness or evil? It is time for Christians to stop running away and hiding just because something does not fit their preconceived ideas which are often more based on tradition than on Biblical truth and fact. Remember, it is God who created "science" and God IS truth.

Until you are prepared to honestly and openly consider this question at the core of your being and faith you cannot become all that God wants you to be as a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ. You really should consider the potential and impact you can have for the Kingdom of God if you are willing to seek out truth and apply that truth with wisdom, always relating it to the Word of God and "testing the spirits."

The "Your Wish Is Your Command" training seminar was taught to a mainly secular group. The material must be put through the Biblical filter with the understanding that the God of the Bible is the Sovereign Ruler and Creator of all things, including the laws He has placed in the universe. He is the giver of all good things. It is not the universe itself which gives. With this in mind, the four basic and foundational principles presented in the "Your Wish is Your Command" series are very much Biblical. When you take the time to actually study the Word of God you will be astounded at how prevalent the four basic principles are within the Word and how relevant they are to the Christian faith of the 21st century.

Some critics within Christendom have declared this material to be focussed on an un-Biblical approach to money. The fact is, the majority of the training is not about money at all, but teaches how you can have success in any area of your life, including the spiritual. It is what you do with this information that will make it a power for righteousness or for evil. Thus, you need to really determine how honest your answers were to the questions I first asked. Is seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness really important to you? Or does simply giving the appearance of seeking matter most? This training will not be useful or beneficial to anyone whose view of the Christian faith is tied to the keeping of a set of do's and don'ts that limit life by legalism. It is perfectly useful to those who believe in the importance and permanence of the Ten Commandments and the principles of the Word of God.

If you do not believe God to be the source of ALL truth, then this material is not for you. If you believe, as I do, that truth, wherever it came to you from, is from God, then this material is for you. H. Ray Dunning, in his book, "Grace, Faith & Holiness" says, "Truth is always truth and is Biblical because its' source is God. We need to be seekers of truth and apply that truth with wisdom. One may quote from a thinker without necessarily agreeing with all he has to say. . . .

He who is committed to... the One who declared,
'I am the truth' (John 14:6 NEB),
has no reason to keep himself from embracing truth
wherever it is found.

Only in following this procedure can one avoid becoming theologically ingrown and possibly allowing his theological presuppositions to become prejudices with the resulting loss of viability or credibility."

Portions of the information in this course come from training that has been historically shared in various "secret societies". After spending almost a year studying the material in the "Your Wish Is Your Command" series and searching the principles within the Scriptures, I believe we should not be frightened, but encouraged to take hold of by faith the truths God has for us from His Word.

We need to see science and technology not as something to be feared, but embrace it as from God and use it to impact our world for the Kingdom of God so that His will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven.

This training material will give you insight into the influences and pressures that are being brought to bear upon your life on a daily basis to draw you and your family away from Christ. Wouldn't it be a good thing to know what is going on so you can take up the armour of God and be prepared? My desire is that God's people would become a joyful, healthy, vibrant influence, filled with God's Holy Spirit to effectively influence people of all ages to live their lives fully committed to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. Is that your desire? I have found that the training which begins with the "Your Wish Is Your Command" can start you on a wonderful and exciting journey to draw you deeper into the Word of God and become all that God wants you to be.

Your choice. Define your dream and have a burning desire for it because you will become what you think about most of the time.

Written by Bob McLellan

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