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and Concerns by Christians

• Since the Your Wish is Your Command is a secular presentation there is nothing in it that I can benefit from as a Christian.

The basic principles in the Your Wish Is Your Command can help you to be a better Biblical Christian.

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Edited Transcript of Video

The purpose of this review is to help you understand the basic principles you are learning in the Your Wish is Your Command training. The Biblical foundation beyond just the principle itself can help us in every area of life, including the area of finances. But there are specific things in the process of the recipe that if we don’t include we will discover the Law of Attraction doesn’t work because the recipe is not complete. Then we begin to doubt, our faith begins to slide and we spiral away from what we want. The result is we become more negative and more discouraged and depressed. So, there are some of the things I want us to take another look at. I really do encourage you, I have said it before and again I will say it again, take the Book of Proverbs and to go through a chapter every day looking for not just the principles found in Your Wish Is Your Command, because there are principles beyond what we have heard here. There are other principles that you will discover and begin to note them and begin to understand this is God’s Wisdom. This is what God wants for His people, that will bless us and benefit us and will keep us from sin as we hide God’s Word in our heart that we might not sin against Him. Develop a passion and a desire for God. It is not just about desiring the things that God can give us. It is about desiring Him. It is not just about loving the things, or wanting the things. It is about loving Him. That is what will empower us. I can speak from experience here. I hope you have seen something in me that has changed in the last two, three years from where I had been to where I am in terms of my passion and desire. It would be nice to have a little more time to cope and handle it, but we need to begin that process and know that it is a process. You are not going to get there tomorrow, but to hunger and thirst for what God is saying is important and in these principles found in the Your Wish is Your Command there is help for us to be Biblical Christians and I think that we all want that.

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