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• Isn't using the Law of Attraction to reach a goal or chief aim an attempt to manipulate God?

This video explains the relationship of the Law of Attraction in the "Your Wish Is Your Command" training to seeking God's will for your chief aim in life.

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Edited Transcript of Video

So you are in a certain place at a certain time and an opportunity opens up that fits exactly with your chief aim. Some people might say it is a coincidence. Some people might say it is an accident. We know that it is God's leading and direction. You have gotten to that place and you are right in that circumstance whereby everything falls into place, because you have been vibrating that frequency. You have been using the Law of Attraction. By not focussing on what you don't want (and there are a lot of key principles in that little bit of information),but on what you do want, putting it into proper positive framework to get what you are seeking, is not a manipulation tool, because it is part of the bigger picture. If your chief aim on the back of your card falls in line with the will of God, that's where you need to be. You focus in on the front part of the card "Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened unto you." You are building on faith. You are putting into the principle, the positive faith vibrations as you understand them, as you begin to learn who God is and what He can do for you in your life to bring about your chief aim. It is not about self, but it's about the Glory of God. It is not manipulation. It is moving you to where God wants you to be. We ought to be saying to God, "What do you want my chief aim to be? What have you created me for? What have you gifted me for?" He is not going to gift you for this and call you to something totally opposite. He is going to bring you gifts and talents and everything is going to come together to mesh towards that chief aim and goal and plan that He has for your life. We just need to somehow begin to understand that this is not off the wall stuff but this is Biblically founded.

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