Welcome - come on right in. We are so glad you came!

Group 1: Is this you?
• You had dreams - once - long ago!
• Some days you want to hide / run away
• You can't figure out how ___ ticks!
• You KNOW there is a better way to ___ but don't know how
• You have health issues to conquer
• Financial struggles are a reality
• Haven't really learned anything new in years. Must be in my genes!
• Ready for a change but not sure in what way how or because nothing ever works!

Group 2: Is this you?
• You want to be physically healthy
• You want to be spiritually healthy
• You want to be emotionally healthy
• You want to realize your dreams
• You want to set goals - just need ideas
• You want to be financially independent
• You want to be able to help others
• You want to accomplish something great with your life and make a difference
• You want to be different tomorrow than you are today - no more same old same old for you!

We could say, since misery likes company, "Welcome to the club!!!" But NO WAY! We say, "Welcome to the CLUB!!" The CLUB that will address your group one issues noted above and help you realize group two positive outcomes and even more - perhaps beyond your wildest dreams. Hey, if you like struggling in group one and like the familiar answer to the question, "How's that working for you?" (Answer: It isn't), then read no further. If, on the other hand, you are fed up with the same old, same old and you want to take action, then read on. You DO want to get out of group one - don't you? Or, perhaps you are happy now and just need tweaking. Read on!

This is your SPECIAL OFFER invitation to take advantage of the opportunity to join The Global Information Network (GIN), a private, exclusive, member-only global association of individuals just like you, who dare to dream.

Usually, all it takes to move out of group one is a hand up from someone else and some new knowledge. It is a known fact that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Actually, let's refine that: KNOWLEDGE THAT IS REMEMBERED AND ACTED ON IS POWER! GIN is a global group of like minded people from all walks of life and various business, social and economic sectors who have come together to give each other a hand and to share a wealth of knowledge with teachable individuals. Having a "buddy" makes realization of dreams and goals so much easier.

This GIN Club is different than any other you have known. It is adaptable to your dreams and desires. The belief is that this rare and unique ability to associate with people from around the world allows each member special advantages that they would not have as isolated individuals. The age old "buddy" system in action - members sharing knowledge, connections, and expertise, and mentoring those members who are serious about taking charge of their own destinies, achieving wealth, gaining financial freedom, experiencing dynamic physical and spiritual health, and reaching high levels of overall emotional well-being. The GIN membership list is confidential.

Different Strokes for Different Folks
We have something for everyone so be sure to look at everything we have to offer. You just never know what will grab your interest. And don't assume you don't need something because, you just never know what you don't know that you need to know that will be exactly what you need to bring the success you want!

Physical, Mental and Interpersonal Training and Resources:
  1. for developing you, your marriage, family, interpersonal relationships
  2. for improving your mental and physical health
  3. for developing an outlook and attitude for success
  4. for developing your leadership skills

Financial and Business Training, Resources and Opportunities:
  5. for improving or developing your existing business
  6. for developing a new business
  7. for getting you connected to people in the know
  8. for network marketing
  9. for greatly improving your financial situation

Miscellaneous Resources and Opportunities:
10. for travel - even world wide
11. for investing
12. Exciting Bonuses and surprises you won't want to miss

Not a global traveler at heart or at the pocketbook level just now? No problem. GIN comes to you in the comfort of your own home by way of MP3, online seminars and books and, if you want to, you can travel to events. Some events are free to attend - you just cover the cost of getting there, food, and hotels if required. Other events have a registration fee. You pick and choose the topics that best fit your dreams and needs, perhaps not just for you - but for your whole family.

Here is a sampling of what our family learned during a live GIN event in the Bahamas a few years ago:
1. From Ron Ball: The characteristics of an underachiever and the profile of an achiever
2. From Chris McGarahan: Steps to building strong relations with an emphasis on marriage relationships
3. From Ed Foreman: Steps to making every day a terrific day
4. From Kevin Trudeau: 4 simple basic ideas that take 5 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master
5. John Gray: Author of Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus spoke on the differences between the mind of men and women - Wow! Powerful ideas!
6. We learned about the importance of enthusiasm, how to be enthusiastic, and calls to decisions and actions in the areas of marriage and relationship issues. Our lives will never be the same.

PLUS! We have learned so much from the 13 plus hours of instruction included on the "Your Wish is Your Command" CD series by Kevin Trudeau that it would take a book to tell you. Better yet, get yourself a copy of the "Your Wish is Your Command" series and be empowered with knowledge you will want to take action on.

As mentioned earlier, the speakers come from a wide variety of walks of life and belief systems. You are sure to find a speaker with whom you resonate. We, the McLellan family, look at life with a Christian world-view and have been delighted to find that the majority of what we have been learning with GIN is actually very easily lined up with Biblical principles, even if the speaker is from a more secular viewpoint. If you have questions along this line, please feel free to contact us (click here).

GIN provides its members with exclusive, confidential, never before released information that may be right up your alley regarding:
• Money Making Opportunities
• Investing
• Asset Protection
• Stocks, Bonds and Trading
• Worldwide Real Estate Opportunities
• The Law of Attraction
• Commodities, Worldwide Currencies
• Natural Remedies and Cures for Illnesses
• Many more topics being developed!

Be a lifelong, empowered learner.
Think you can't afford this opportunity?
Think again! You CAN do it!

Limited time Offer:
Join as an Associate Member for only $10USD to join and $8.95USD per month membership fee (First month cost is $18.95).

To apply for Associate Membership go to GlobalInformationNetwork.com

GIN is an informational organization. We are a "member sharing with other members" private association. We do not provide financial planning, tax, legal, investment, or medical advice. Consultation with independent expert advisors is strongly recommended. This is an unofficial website. For the official website go to GlobalInformationNetwork.com

Last updated 2022.